Why Have I Been Remiss?

Why Have I Been Remiss?

It is June. Tomorrow, it will be July—so no excuses: not for the weather, and not for me.

It appears my last post was published on March 20th, nearly a full season ago. And it appears the sun made a brief attempt at summer around the same time, judging by the saturation and brightness of the photos I was posting. Today, only ten days past the solstice, it was as dark an evening as winter. It's raining now, as it has been all day, which I don't mind; I like the rain. What I do mind is the ongoing winter grey. I mean if not now, Sun, when?

So much for what the weather's been doing. As for me, I'll let the photo explain.

This is my second office: the loft of the barn on my in-laws' land, where Boots and I spent a summer before we were married; where we lived on and off afterward; where I now sneak away to work during visits while Grandma watches the boy. The walk up the hill to the house to get more tea is a welcome break from these stupid computers I'm always messing with. To do Grandpa credit, the Internet speed in the barn is the best to be had.

No promises, but I hope to post more often through the rest of the summer.

The sun can make its own plans.