Climate & Stories in the Pacific Northwest

Climate & Stories in the Pacific Northwest

Last November, within the wild space of three weeks, I was in Portland, Oregon, then Toronto, Ontario.

Why? I was presenting talks at two conferences—the annual meetings of the American Folklore Society and the American Anthropological Association. I caught a cold. I took a seven mile walk across the city to get an unobstructed view of the Great Lake. I chose not to stay up late with the folklorists for the dance parties and drum circles, but I really enjoyed getting to know a few of them over a beer.

As for the papers I presented, they both had everything to do with change, social and ecological. The first was about how the stories we tell—our deep-down narratives—can either perpetuate our problems or help us build resilience ...

Listen to Rootedness & Resilience »
Read Rootedness & Resilience »

And the second was about the power of "finding home" by connecting with place, even when the place you are doesn't feel like "home" at all.

Listen to Across Climate & Culture »
Read Across Climate & Culture »

I hope you enjoy them. I welcome your comments. And in the meantime, here are a few photos for your amusement.

Elisabeth Carol Harvey McCumber at the 2023 meeting of the American Folklore Society
Looking down at my hand, spinning a fidget spinner
A glass of beer from the Steamwhistle in Toronto
A giant curving glass skyscraper looms up from the Toronto street across from an earthy brick building
A pigeon attending the 2023 AAA keynote address

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